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A Mitt Romney Nomination In 2016?

By [email protected] (Andrew Kreig)

Mitt Romney

Don’t rule out a Mitt Romney presidential nomination in 2016.

Romney might prove to be the default GOP nominee, as in 2012.

Jeb Bush remains, in my view, the most likely to win the nomination “as a uniter,” to re-coin a phrase.

Later, Bush can capture much of the wounded Chris Christie’s support from the center-right of the Republican field, including Wall Street. The Bush family’s roots are Wall Street, after all, especially during the career of Yale Skull-and-Bones product Prescott Bush, Jeb’s grandfather.

Most of the other 2016 candidates will be tea party and other candidates to the right, thereby splitting their followers into multiple segments during primary season.

But something can come up to thwart the Bush machine and help Romney.

Almost all major candidates in both parties carry “baggage,” otherwise known as fund-raising or other scandals that could be devastating if not criminal upon disclosure.

Bush, additionally, has the burden as well as advantages of the accumulated legacy of two previous Bush presidents and their family predecessors in public life. The negatives could outweigh the positives if Christie’s already-serious problems rapidly escalate. This would transform Bush prematurely into a front-runner subject to long and potentially ruinous scrutiny even by the timid mainstream media.

Washington Post political writer Dan Balz floated a Romney candidacy last week.

“Christie’s problems have sparked strange talk about a Romney campaign in 2016,” he wrote. “Fortunes change quickly in politics. Three months ago, Chris Christie was on the Republican mountaintop, and Mitt Romney was in the valley. Today, Christie’s once-bright future is clouded by scandal, and, wonder of wonders, Romney is enjoying a moment in the sun.”

Balz continued of Romney:

“Virtually discarded by the GOP after his loss to President Obama, he is now the unlikely star of a well-reviewed Netflix documentary about his two unsuccessful presidential campaigns. He has taken the opportunity of its release to strut a bit in public. He has done morning television, Sunday talk, interviews with reporters and — with his wife, Ann — attended Super Bowl events. The warmer Romney seen in the documentary has sparked surprising talk about a possible 2016 presidential run. Romney has been firm in his rejection every time the subject has been mentioned. Still, the chatter continues.”

I have a less benign view of Romney. His career, wealth-building and ties to the Mormon Church comprise a major part of my book, Presidential Puppetry: Obama Romney and Their Masters . “Mitt Romney: Going for the Gold” is the title of one of six book chapters largely devoted to documenting unreported or under-reported stories about him.


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