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April 12 Radio: Obama Videographer Shares White House Insights

Arun Chaudhary, the nation's first official White House videographer, appears on MTL Washington Update radio show April 12 to describe his more than four years with President Obama on the 2008 campaign and first two years in the White House.

The author of First Cameraman: Documenting the Obama Presidency in Real Time will share his unique personal story. He moved from the low-budget film world to a front-row seat to history. His book and experiences go far beyond the world of politics, and provide cutting-edge lessons in social media applicable to many goals in both business and non-profit advocacy.

Join the author, me, and network founder and co-host Scott Draughon at noon (EDT) for our one-hour weekly public affairs show. Click here to listen live nationally, or by archive.

Chaudhary, right, is now partner in Revolution Messaging, a Washington, DC-based consultancy. He recently shared his experiences with the National Press Club Photography Committee. After listening to his illuminating presentation, I invited him to reprise highlights for the launch of our radio show's seventh season.

The season began last month with the memoirs of former GOP congressional leader Bob Ney of Ohio and faith-based legal reformer Mark Osler. Guests confirmed for coming weeks include Pulitzer-winning New York Times national security reporter Mark Mazzetti discussing his new book. Others scheduled guests include Cook County assistant public defender and legal reformer Jeanne Bishop, and Republican former Virginia governor and senator George Allen.

For questions or comments on any of the shows, call in toll free (866-685-7469 ) or send an email to [email protected].

Here is the publisher's description of Chaudhary's engaging memoir, which I have read and which is highly rated by 11 reviewers on

The first official White House videographer chronicles his time capturing behind-the-scenes moments of the president and his administration. From the early months of the 2008 campaign and through the first two and a half years of the Obama administration, Arun Chaudhary had a unique perspective on the president of the United States. “I'm sort of like President Obama's wedding videographer,” he explains, “if every day was a wedding with the same groom but a constantly rotating set of hysterical guests.”


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