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Do Your Senators Want To Keep Hiding Names Of 9/11 Funders?

By [email protected] (Andrew Kreig)

World Trade Center

The time is now to pressure Senate and House members who are suppressing the joint Senate-House government report that in 2002 identified funders of the 9/11 attacks.

New momentum to dispel the secrecy stems from this month’s 9/11 memorials and research conferences.

Congress has returned to work after summer recess amid alarming war-escalation rhetoric, especially from 2016 GOP presidential candidates.

As indicated by the Sept. 16 GOP debate, nearly all candidates cite the 2001 tragedies as a rationale to fatten the coffers of their defense industry donors by seeking new battles against entities like ISIS and Syria that had no involvement in 9/11 attacks, whatever their other appalling conduct.

From a constitutional standpoint, no legal basis exists for war against either entity even under the modern reduced standard. The 2001 congressional authorization for military action in the Middle East authorized it only against alleged 9/11 perpetrators and accomplices. Congress cannot agree on a new definition that limits a president’s power to start endless wars on all parts of the earth.

Also, the Obama administration announced this week vast new spending for war and refugee aid in Syria with minimal safeguards against abuses by terrorists seeking either to confiscate modern U.S. weapons or to infiltrate refugee arrivals into defenseless U.S. communities that have scant power against illegal immigrants in the face of federal amnesties.

Within days, new developments showed the utter incompetence of the administration and war-mongers in Congress. First, a leader of the brand-new U.S. trained and equipped “moderate” Syrians fighting force announced that they promptly delivered their U.S. equipment to al-Qaeda, as reported by the United Kingdom’s Telegraph in US-trained Division 30 rebels ‘betrayed US and hand weapons over to al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.’ Then the Washington Post reported Among the ersatz Syrians are Algerian drug dealers and ISIS sympathizers.

Little wonder that the U.S. voting public holds elected leaders in such disdain that three non-politicians led by Donald Trump hold well over 50 percent support in the latest 15-person GOP presidential polling.

Busy voters have scant way to learn the facts about 9/11, as on most sensitive matters obscured by “national security” rhetoric and hidden agendas. The U.S. government promptly destroyed evidence from the 9/11 crime scenes and otherwise thwarted standard criminal investigations, trials, and most other normal investigation. Authorities have been reluctant to conduct public trials, including for alleged masterminds Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, prompting suspicions that a defense would expose inconvenient matters — possibly including torture and other manufactured or omitted evidence.

The FBI, U.S. Customs Service, Federal Aviation Agency and New York’s Office of Emergency Management, for example, immediately seized airplane parts, computers, and other crime scene evidence. They helped supervise the shipment of World Trade Center structural steel out of the United States for meltdown in Asia smelters before the evidence could be analyzed by experts who could confirm the official story about the causes and perpetrators of the mass murder.

Even elected federal officials are forbidden under penalty of imprisonment from disclosing to voters the identities of those who funded the attacks.

One of the most inspiring voices for transparency and accountability is Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky (shown at left), who has stated that the 28 pages Thomas Massieare “shocking” and that “I had to stop every couple pages and…try to rearrange my understanding of history. It challenges you to rethink everything.”

Meanwhile, the vast majority of politicians and media who should be demanding answers are not even interested in discussing the topic.

To oppose such corrupt, immoral, and counter-productive policies, the Justice Integrity Project has participated in strategy and research conferences this month in both New York City and Washington, DC.

This work builds on our previous reporting, including that of the 1963 Kennedy assassination and our recommendation that no federal Democratic or Republican candidate merits support in 2016 unless he or she has at least read the suppressed 28 pages of the 2002 joint Senate-House report.

The report itself is secret, except to members of Congress who can look at the materials under guard and without pencil, paper, cellphone or staff. Yet independent investigators have pointed to evidence implicating the Saudi Arabian government in heavily funding the suspects.


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