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Illegal NSA Spying Hurts Americans In Many Ways: Radio Report

By [email protected] (Andrew Kreig)

Margaret Flowers, MD, and Kevin Zeese, JD

The appalling domestic spying program inflicted upon Americans in recent years helps create needless job losses, health care snafus, and other austerity measures afflicting millions. That was my theme Monday, Feb. 10 on the Clearing the FOG (Forces of Greed) Radio Show. Please click to hear via the web my interview on the Washington, DC-based show on We Act Radio, with a terrestrial signal at 1480 AM.

I disclosed to co-hosts Margaret Flowers, MD, and Kevin Zeese, JD, left, evidence from my new book Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters exposing:

A secret, pervasive and historically illegal electronic surveillance on Americans that hurts victim finances and the safety net — and not simply the privacy of virtually everyone in the nation.

Before 2012 reelection of President Obama, Ralph Nader wrote, “He’s a con man. I have no use for him.”

What Nader did not know when I spoke with him last year and what Puppetry reveals goes far beyond that (and is documented with more than a thousand endnotes).

Obama is a creation of the national security state and its Wall Street overseers, just like his recent presidential predecessors. Obama remains deeply intimidated by the power of the oligarchs.

Why does spying control him and hurt so many in the pocketbook? It’s not just in our privacy, First Amendment and due process rights historically protected by the Constitution.

It’s because the spying and the danger of reprisal inevitably targets critics of wasteful defense and domestic intelligence spending. The dossiers can be devastating. Everyone has something to hide.

Barack ObamaThe intelligence community thereby has the ability to skew spending, freedom of association and debate, news coverage and the rest of the democratic progress. With limited financial resources, governments respond by slashing domestic programs. This has created hardship not seen since the Great Depression.

The invitation from Flowers and Zeese to discuss the causes and impact of the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA) spy program prompted me to prepare something new and not previously described in my broadcast and interview revelations from the book, summarized here last week.

The theme should be obvious. Clear evidence exists that government has shifted with little opposition vast resources post 9/11 to war, intelligence gathering, militarized police and other “homeland security” functions and away from quality of life programs for ordinary Americans. That alone makes for a fairly standard left-right or Democrat versus Republican discussion.

The explosive new perspective I contribute is evidence that both major parties are complicit in selling out ordinary Americans because of hidden factors.

Money and power of the intelligence establishment has overwhelmed our traditional checks-and-balances and other Constitutional safeguards and watchdog institutions.

This goes far beyond the usual good-government concerns of corporate campaign donations and revolving-door post-government jobs. I am exposing the potential and occasional reality of serious blackmail, arrest and other reprisals against non-cooperating citizens, even those in powerful government positions. Former NSA analyst Russell Tice has said he knows first-hand that the NSA has spied on members of Congress, including then-Sen. Barack Obama.

As a result, virtually all of official Washington is singing from the same songbook — in part because critics of the spending have hidden ties to the spenders that the traditional media refuse to report.

I am thrilled to be able to discuss these concepts with the two hosts of the show, who are at the forefront of citizen advocacy in the Washington-Baltimore corridor. Zeese, an attorney and former Green Party candidate for a U.S. Senate seat for Maryland, is co-director of It’s Our Economy and an organizer of the National Occupation of Washington, DC. With Flowers, he was one of the original organizers of Occupy Washington, DC.


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