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JFK Experts To Explode Myths, Sign Books In DC Sept. 26-28

By [email protected] (Andrew Kreig)

John M. Newman

Seventeen authors and film makers who have researched the 1963 murder of the President Kennedy are scheduled for meet-the-author book signings as part of a major conference on the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission report.

The lead off author is Dr. John M. Newman, at right, a professor, former National Security Agency official, and one of the opening featured speakers opening on Friday “The Warren Report and the JFK Assassination: A Half Century of Significant Disclosures.”

The Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) organized the event from Sept. 26 to 28 at the Bethesda Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is near the District of Columbia border at the Metro stop in Bethesda, MD. The public can attend the author signings in the Embassy Suite without paying the conference admission fee.

Newman, shown at right, has been an adjunct political science professor at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA since January 2013. The retired major in the U.S. Army holds a doctorate, worked in Army intelligence from 1974 to 1994, and served as Assistant to the Director at the NSA from 1988 to 1990. His books include “JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power” and “Oswald and the CIA.”

He plans to preview his next book, in which he alleges significant new information about official involvement in the president’s murder and a cover-up.

Anthony SummersAmong the other authors signing books in a schedule listed below are best-selling investigative reporter Anthony Summers, shown at left.

Summers is a former senior BBC journalist based in Ireland and the author of nine major non-fiction books, including the just-republished Not In Your Lifetime that he will sign. His investigative work has ranged from the fate of the last Russian Tsar in 1918 to Britain’s Profumo sex/spy scandal, to the John F. Kennedy assassination, to the September 9/11 attacks.

Another long-distance traveler will be Dr. Ernst Titovets, at right, who journeys from his native Belarus. As a student, Titovets became the best friend in Minsk of accused JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, who defected to the Soviet Union from 1959 until his return to the United States 1962. As a U.S. Marine, Oswald had learned fluent Russian and held a higher-than-normal security clearance. Some researchers believe Oswald participated in a false defector program. They say this pose enabled Oswald to penetrate the Iron Curtain during the Cold War albeit with a keen eye from the Soviets on his behavior, and then continue intelligence/law enforcement work back in the United States as a supposed pro-Castro advocate.

Erst TitovetsTitovets is a medical school professor who holds both doctoral research and medical doctor degrees. He will launch the 2014 updated edition of his 2010 memoir Oswald: Russian Episode. Tiitovets, whose medical specialty is neurology, argues that the Lee Harvey Oswald he knew was a friendly and relatively normal young man and not the angry, prospective killer widely portrayed by the Warren Commission and the commission’s supporters.

Among U.S. best-selling authors are Russ Baker, author of Family of Secrets about the Bush Dynasty, and Dr. Joan Mellen, a Temple University professor who has authored 22 books.

The authors and film makers will sign copies of their work in the hotel’s Embassy Suite, which is open to the public without admission charge.

Jim DiEugenio Destiny Betrayed Overall, some 45 expert speakers will reveal or discuss recent findings differing from the Warren Commission’s 1964 report ascribing President Kennedy’s murder to Oswald as a sole assassin firing from the rear. Other authors include Jim DiEugenio (whose collaborator Lisa Pease will also speak), Marie Fonzi (widow of noted JFK investigator Gaeton Fonzi), Robert Groden, Eric Hamburg, Dr. David Kaiser, Jonathan Morley, Andy Thibault, Dr. Donald Thomas, and Prof. Lamar Waldron, plus film maker Patrick Speer.

In another no-cost dimension of the conference, Los Angeles-based actor Brian Connors and a group of fellow actors will dramatize the long-secret Jan. 22, 1964 Warren Commission Executive Session where Allen Dulles told his fellow commissioners that the CIA and FBI would lie to them to protect their perceived self-interests.

A long-suppressed transcript of the meeting shows how the commissioners led by then-Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren dealt with the 1964 threat at the beginning of the commission’s work that two newspaper reporters would reveal that Oswald had been paid $200 a week by the FBI before the killing.

Revelation of Oswald’s FBI relationship threatened to thwart conventional wisdom promulgated by authorities immediately after JFK’s murder Oswald, a former Marine, was a misfit, murderer and “lone nut” — instead of the “patsy” Oswald claimed to be before he was murdered in police custody two days after his arrest.

The dramatization shows how Dulles, whom Kennedy had forced out of the agency in 1961 as part of shake-up the president intended, advised his fellow commissioners to deny any relationships that might have existed between the FBI, CIA and Oswald.

This no-cost reading is scheduled at 5:45 p.m. on Sept. 27, shortly before a separate banquet featuring a filmed message from the convention audience from director Oliver Stone and then remarks by his collaborator, Dr. Peter Kuznick of American University following a display of the JFK segment of their 2012 Showtime documentary, “The Untold Story of the United States.”

Kuznick will comment on their work in his keynote remarks, and then sign books and video, beginning approximately 9:15 p.m. Stone, producer and director of the iconic film JFK, has been working in Germany on his next movie, “The Snowden Files.” It portrays whistleblower and former NSA and CIA employee Edward Snowden.


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