Thought provoking. Controversial. Presidential Puppetry is sure to raise lots of eye-brows. One of those books that inspires readers to look deep beneath the surface.

John Perkins, New York Times best-selling author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and other books

'Puppetry' Hardback Launched Nov.19 At DC Author Forum on White House Mysteries & Media

Dan Moldea Confessions CoverThis evening, Nov. 19, marks the formal launch of the updated, hardcover edition of my new book, Presidential Puppetry, the first comprehensive book about the Obama Administration’s second term.

Readers here have seen it mentioned a number of times. What’s new is a rollout inviting the major media to the National Press Club for a discussion, and the update to reflect the government shutdown, the current Obamacare struggles, and the surveillance scandals from the summer. The book also provides decades of history to show how we have reached the point of an all-time high in the stock market while middle class jobs and savings are being gutted across the nation.

Presidential Puppety: Obama, Romney and Their MastesIn my talk tonight, I’ll introduce is as a true-life mystery book about the nation’s leading political families. The Obama, Romney, Bush, Clinton, and the Washington Post’s Graham-Meyer family are central figures. I’ll show how little the average person knows about them, in part because of the information control exhibited for decades by the major news media.

My intention is to provide a Rosetta Stone to understanding current DC political standoffs and strategies.

Unfolding as a Washington, DC-based mystery story, it leads the reader step-by-step to a deeper understanding of the fall 2013 political controversies on a range of issues, including austerity, budgets, national security, privacy, and press freedom.

Jerome CorsiIn sum, Presidential Puppetry: Obama Romney and Their Masters, is for those who want to understand the news not just watch.

I’m thrilled to be able to describe it at a forum that includes seven prominent authors, investigative reporters and archivists, who will describe and debate their own major findings and seek to illuminate common ground and major differences. The Justice Integrity Project helped organize the forum, which is entitled “White House Mysteries and Media.”

The title reflects both the importance of the White House/Executive Branch in our government system, and the mainstream media’s role. President Kennedy’s assassination, hidden influences on the White House, the threat of election fraud, and secretive surveillance are major topics for the forum, which is co-sponsored by the McClendon Group.

Dr. Justin Frank“Authors of important non-fiction revelations face a dearth of opportunities to meet face-to-face with readers,” said McClendon Group Chairman John Edward Hurley, whose speaker society is co-sponsor. “This forum is a creative, convenient way to foster public dialog with diverse experts on vital issues.”

Confirmed speakers include Hurley, New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Jerome Corsi, right, Dr. Justin Frank, left, Dan E. Moldea, and 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winner Matt Apuzzo.

Other speakers include JFK assassination archives experts James Lesar and Jerry Policoff, and election fraud investigator/author Marta Steele. The forum is congruent with the press club’s nearby annual book fair on the same floor, but is independently organized.


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