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Romney Resurfaces In GOP’s 2016 Vanguard At ‘New Ideas’ Forum — Surprise?

By [email protected] (Andrew Kreig)

Mitt Romney

A front page story in the Washington Post June 14 reported GOP insider support for Mitt Romney as a 2016 presidential contender.

Political writer Philip Rucker’s story was headlined, At elite donor summit featuring 2016 GOP hopefuls, a longing for Romney to run again. The paper’s print edition used as its headline, GOP summit on new ideas has one old one: Romney.

We have repeatedly predicted here that Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney will lead the GOP’s presidential ticket in 2016 because the two represent the dynastic powers that run the country for more than the most likely potential rivals, who tend to be politicians without serious coalitions of a billionaires of long-standing teamwork committed to their success.

Presidential PuppetryA ticket led by Bush with Romney as vice president is also a strong possibility. That would unite the strands of the Bush Wall Street-oil-CIA-New England-Texas-Florida power axis with the Mormon Church, the nation’s fastest growing religion and a major financial powerhouse. Bush consiglieri Karl Rove, reared partly in Texas and Utah, is well-positioned to unite the factions and help orchestrate the kind of vote-counting and other campaign tactics that can create a winner.

Compared to that kind of team, the rest of a likely GOP field, including the high-profile New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, will be exposed as a junior varsity when the games begin. A cartoon below predicts that moment by portraying the fall of the Humpty Dumpty.

Political insiders also understand that no GOP presidential ticket has been successful since 1972 without a Bush on it. The second spot might seem a come-down for Romney after two tries at the top spot.

But the White House has been a dream of some leaders of the Mormon Church ever since the Prophet Joseph Smith was assassinated during his presidential campaign in 1844. And even four-term New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller (shown below) was willing to accept a vice presidency from 1974 to 1977 despite being a high-status heir of John D. Rockefeller, the richest person Nelson Rockefellerin American history, inflation-adjusted.

For public dissemination, conventional wisdom has been that Republicans are searching for fresh faces. But conventional wisdom is often wrong in such matters. Whether by intention or inadvertence, leading political pundits often fail to inform their audiences about the insider intrigues.

For a fresh view, my book Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters devotes multiple chapters to the Bush and Romney families, along with their power centers. This was only in part a look backward. More important, it is today’s world and could be tomorrow’s.

Rucker’s story helped illustrate that theme with its report on an “Ideas Summit” that Romney hosted in Park City, Utah. The Post reported the event was billed as “a passing of the torch to the Republican Party’s would-be saviors.”


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