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Seymour Hersh Attacks Obama, Fellow DC Journalists

New Yorker columnist Seymour Hersh harshly attacked President Obama and fellow journalists in an interview Sept. 27.

Seymour HershThe Pulitizer-winning Hersh, left, said of official accounts about the death of Osama bin Laden: ‘It’s one big lie, not one word of it is true.’’

The White House released a now-iconic photo at right showing Obama and cabinet reaction to a video of the 2011 raid.

Hersh also said during his outspoken interview with Guardian reporter Lisa O’Carroll that most network broadcasters should be immediately fired to improve news coverage. The acerbic Hersh, born in 1937, is best known for breaking the story of the My Lai Massacre by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War.

The London-based Guardian headlined the interview Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media.

Barack Obama, Bin Laden killing photo at White HouseThe Hersh comments come at a time of increasing criticism of the White House, Congress, and the mainstream media.

Ralph Nader, for example, attacked those in Congress who ignore the plight of an estimated 200 Americans who die needlessly each day on average for lack of health coverage, according to a major study. Also as amplified below, Madonna released a video calling for a major worldwide campaign to promote artistic freedom.

Hersh said he would describe details of the 2011 raid in a forthcoming book about intelligence services.

Hersh is the first American journalist who primarily publishes with the corporate-owned mainstream media to air such an allegation to the best of my knowledge.

Any discrepancies in the official story would implicate top leaders of the Obama cabinet. Among them would be 2016 Democratic presidential front-runners Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, who are portrayed in the photo, as is the former Obama Defense Secretary Bob Gates at lower right in the photo. Other major Republicans would be embarrassed. So would leading news organizations and other major corporations.

Yet others with significant media credentials have claimed for years on web media and radio talk shows that the raid was phony.

One of those skeptics has been former Navy Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, formerly a frequent commentator on major TV and cable news shows. Another is former Wall Street Journal associate editor Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, an author and conservative scholar. Two others have been free market radio host Alex Jones and left-wing author Dr. Webster Tarpley.

Their claims of inadequate or deceptive official government reports, including on 9/11, have brought them banishment from major news outlets for the most part.


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